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                     ITALIAN & PASTA                                                          meat balls & italian sausage

                     Pizza Pak & toppings...Plus                                        4375  Italian Meatballs, 32 oz Pkg
            an assortment of delicious pasta meals.                                     4383
                                                                                        3619    Pre-cooked and quick to fix. Just add pasta & your favorite sauce.

                                                                                              Gluten-Free 2-oz Italian Meatballs, 40 oz Pkg

                                                                                                Jumbo-sized meatballs with Romano cheese and Italian spices.

                                                                                              Sweet Italian Sausage (Ready-to-cook), Two 1 lb bulk pkgs

                                                                                                Simply brown and add to your favorite recipe.

                                                                                              italian bread, assorted pasta & raviolis

                                                                                        4416  Cheesy Garlic Bread, Pkg of 6
                                                                                        4610    Whole-grain french bread covered in cheese and zesty garlic sauce.
                                                                                        4370  Bosco SticksĀ®, Pkg of 12
                                                                                                Gourmet breadsticks are filled with Mozzarella cheese!

                                                                                              Meat Lasagna, Pkg of 8

                                                                                                These individually portioned servings are delicious.

                                                                                              Cheese Lasagna Roll-Ups, 3 oz ea; Pkg of 8

                                                                                                Cheese Lasagna Roll-Ups made with a savory cheese filling.

                                                                                              Meat Cannelloni, Pkg of 12; 3 oz ea

                                                                                                Beef & pork mixed with grated cheeses, & stuffed in a pasta shell.

                                                                                              Pre-cooked Egg Noodles, 48 oz Pkg

                                                                                                Noodles made from the finest ingredients and are so easy to use.

4176        Gourmet Pizza Pak, 6 Crusts, sauce & cheese                                 4218  Gluten-Free Spaghetti, 16 oz Pkg
3621                                                                                    4117
3775          Includes 6 Gourmet Artisan crusts, pizza sauce & premium cheese           4194    Made with whole-grain brown rice, tastes like regular pasta.
4007          blend.                                                                    4372
3620                                                                                    4168  Gnocchi (Potato Dumplings), 2.5 lb Pkg
4924        Italian Sausage Pizza Topping, 12 oz Pkg                                    4342
                                                                                        4617    Small thick, soft potato dumplings.
              Fully-cooked Italian-style pizza topping.                                 4615
                                                                                        4547  Jumbo Stuffed Shells, Pkg of 15
            Beef Pizza Topping, 12 oz Pkg                                               4537
                                                                                        4540    These stuffed shells are loaded with 2 cheeses. Just add sauce.
              This fully cooked beef topping is made with ground beef seasoned          4449
              with salt and pepper.                                                           Cheese Manicotti, Pkg of 12

            Gourmet 5-Cheese Pizza Blend, 24 oz Pkg                                             A delicious item filled with three cheeses. Just add sauce and bake.

              A blend of Parmesan, Provolone, Romano & two Special Mozzarella                 Cheese Tortellini, 32 oz Pkg
                                                                                                A blend of Swiss, ricotta, Romano, Parmesan cheeses and garlic.
            Sliced Pepperoni, 12 oz Pkg
                                                                                              Chicken-and-Proscuitto Tortellini, 24 oz Pkg
              Pre-sliced and ready to serve.
                                                                                                An Italian favorite with cooked chicken, Prosciutto ham, cheeses.
            Pizza Sauce, 6/2.5 oz
                                                                                              Grilled Chicken Fettuccine W/Vegetables, 8 Indiv, Svgs
              Mild Pizza Sauce for additional topping or as a dip for bread sticks.
                                                                                                Grilled chicken breasts amid a bed of fettuccine pasta and veggies.

                                                                                              Macaroni and Cheese, Pkg of 8

                                                                                                Made with real Cheddar cheese. A favorite of kids young and old.

                                                                                              Butternut Squash Ravioli, 24 oz Pkg

                                                                                                Ravioli filled with butternut squash and Parmesan cheese.

                                                                                              Seafood Ravioli, 24 oz Pkg

                                                                                                Large, round ravioli shells stuffed with shrimp, lobster & scallops

                                                                                              Jumbo Cheese Ravioli, 40 oz Pkg

                                                                                                Giant, round ravioli shells filled with Ricotta cheese.

                                                                                              Beef Ravioli, 40 oz Pkg

                                                                                                An Italian treat for everyone in the family!

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