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MASTERPIECE COLLECTION continued...                                                                    ITALIAN & PASTA

            ALL-NATURAL GROUND BEEF                                                                    Pizza Pak & toppings...Plus
                                                                                              an assortment of delicious pasta meals.
            Our ground beef is 100% PURE Beef!

            NO additives, just all-natural beef!                                        4176  Gourmet Pizza Pak, 6 Crusts, sauce & cheese
1760        Lean Ground Beef--Ten 8-oz. Oval Portions, 5 lbs.                           3775    Includes 6 Gourmet Artisan crusts, pizza sauce & premium cheese
1764                                                                                    4007    blend.
1768          100% PURE Beef - Chuck, Round & Sirloin with NO additives!!               3620
1702                                                                                    4924  Italian Sausage Pizza Topping, 12 oz Pkg
1765        Lean Ground Beef-Quarter Pound Patties, 5 lb. Pkg
1728                                                                                            Fully-cooked Italian-style pizza topping.
1950          100% PURE Beef - Chuck, Round & Sirloin with NO additives!!
                                                                                              Beef Pizza Topping, 12 oz Pkg
            * NEW Quarter-Pound Grill Burger, 3.5 lb.
                                                                                                This fully cooked beef topping is made with ground beef seasoned
              100% PURE Beef - Chuck, Round & Sirloin with NO additives!!                       with salt and pepper.

            Lean Ground Beef 3.2-oz. Patties, 4 lb. Pkg                                       Gourmet 5-Cheese Pizza Blend, 24 oz Pkg

              100% PURE Beef - Chuck, Round & Sirloin with NO additives!!                       A blend of Parmesan, Provolone, Romano & two Special Mozzarella
            Lean Ground Beef-Family Pak 3 - 1 2/3 lb Portions, 5 lbs.
                                                                                              Sliced Pepperoni, 12 oz Pkg
              100% PURE Beef - Chuck, Round & Sirloin with NO additives!!
                                                                                                Pre-sliced and ready to serve.
            1/3-lb Gourmet Sirloin Burgers, Pkg of 12
                                                                                              Pizza Sauce, 6/2.5 oz
              These hefty portions are ground exclusively from grain-fed sirloin.
                                                                                                Mild Pizza Sauce for additional topping or as a dip for bread sticks.
            Chopped Sirloin Steaks, Pkg of 10; 8 oz ea

              Hefty half-pounders made out of 100% pure ground sirloin.


1365        Boneless Beef Chuck Roast, App 3 lb

            It's the perfect roast for your slow cooker.

1345        Boneless Eye of Round Roast, App 2.5 lb

            This tightly muscled roast is perfect to thin-slice for sandwiches.

1340        Boneless Top Sirloin Roast, App 2.5 lb

            Flavor and marbling found exclusively in the beef loin.


1853        Pre-trimmed Brisket Flat End, 1 Brisket; 3-5 lbs                                  meat balls & italian sausage
1899          Enjoy the flavor of premium beef when you use one for barbecue.           4375  Italian Meatballs, 32 oz Pkg
1900                                                                                    4383
1341        Beef Kabob Cubes, Two 1 lb portions                                         3619    Pre-cooked and quick to fix. Just add pasta & your favorite sauce.
              Cut from the Top Sirloin of the beef so they're very flavorful.                 Gluten-Free 2-oz Italian Meatballs, 40 oz Pkg

            Beef Julienne Strips for Stir-Fry, Two 1 lb portions                                Jumbo-sized meatballs with Romano cheese and Italian spices.

              Sirloin beef strips that are ready to use for stir fry or fajitas.              Sweet Italian Sausage (Ready-to-cook), Two 1 lb bulk pkgs

            Beef Cubes for Stew, Two 1 lb portions                                              Simply brown and add to your favorite recipe.

              Perfect for hearty stews, stroganoff or beef and noodles.

            Top Round Steak Filets, Pkg of 4; 7-8 oz ea

              For beef roll-ups, fajitas or bake in the oven & with barbecue sauce

            Lean Beef Cube Steaks, Pkg of 4; 4-5 oz ea

              All-natural, extra-lean cube steaks, cut from the top round section.

                           beef specialties                                                   italian bread, assorted pasta & raviolis

4764        Meatloaf Patties 4oz. (Ready-to-cook), Pkg of 8                             4416  Cheesy Garlic Bread, Pkg of 6
3822                                                                                    4320
1897          Tastes just like the meatloaf that Mom used to make.                      4610    Whole-grain french bread covered in cheese and zesty garlic sauce.
1896                                                                                    4159
            * NEW Burnt Ends and Pieces - Fully Cooked, Appx 2lbs                             Bosco SticksĀ®, Pkg of 12

              The barky exterior & internal smoke ring say these are the real deal!             Gourmet breadsticks are filled with Mozzarella cheese!

            Phillez Beef Steak, 4 oz each, Pkg of 8                                           Meat Lasagna, Pkg of 8

              Premium beef steak, sliced thin, that shreds when you brown it.                   These individually portioned servings are delicious.

            Corned Beef Phillez Steak 4 oz each, Pkg of 8                                     Cheese Lasagna Roll-Ups, 3 oz ea; Pkg of 8

              Classic corned beef flavor in individual, easy-to-use portions.                   Cheese Lasagna Roll-Ups made with a savory cheese filling.

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