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      POTATOES, POTATOES, POTATOES                                                     4765  Cheddar Cheese Mashed Potatoes, 30 oz
      Whether you want potatoes with most meals                                        4901    Made from fresh baked potatoes mixed with cheddar cheese.
           or just a few...we have great options.
                                                                                             Butter-Flavored Mashed Potato Bites, 80 oz Pkg
            Shoestring French Fries, 72 oz Pkg
                                                                                               Delicious buttery mashed potato bites in a crispy shell. Wow!
              These thin, crunchy french fries need no frying.
                                                                                             Potato Munchers w/Cheddar Cheese, 48 oz Pkg
            Rosemary Shoestring French Fries, 80 oz Pkg
                                                                                               A tator tot-type potato that's filled with cheddar cheese.
              Shoestring fries with rosemary, real sea salt and garlic.
4913                                                                                         GARDEN FRESH VEGETABLES
4975        Waffle Fries, 72 oz Pkg
4926                                                                                          Heart-healthy, 'All-Natural', Gluten-Free,
4923          An all-time kids' favorite. They're so easy to dip into ketchup
4919                                                                                         Grade 'A' Fancy, sodium free vegetables!
4927        Steak Fries, 80 oz Pkg
4420                                                                                                   ALL-NATURAL VEGETABLES
4401          Plump wedges of premium potatoes (skin-on) ready for your oven.
                                                                                       4730  Asparagus Spears in Resealable Bag, 16 oz Pkg
4922        Krinkle-Kut French Fries, 80 oz Pkg                                        4816
4864                                                                                   4734    These spears can be microwaved, fixed in the oven or on the grill.
4423          Thick, krinkle-kut-style potatoes are sure to be a hit with the kids     4814
4970                                                                                   4882  Baby Lima Beans in Resealable Bag, 40 oz Pkg
            Jo-Jo Jr. Seasoned Potato Wedges, 80 oz Pkg                                4728
4940                                                                                   4823    Makes a great side dish or base for a hearty soup.
              Steak fries seasoned like a famous fast food place's curly fries.        4880
4941                                                                                   4881  Broccoli Florets in Resealable Bag, 32 oz Pkg
4904        Seasoned Curly Fries, 80 oz Pkg                                            4958
4865                                                                                   4883    These crisp, tender broccoli florets will delight your taste buds.
4903          Long curly fries coated with a mild seasoning.                           4956
4951                                                                                   4846  Brussels Sprouts in Resealable Bag, 40 oz Pkg
4900        BBQ Seasoned Potato Curls, 64 oz Pkg                                       4925
4402                                                                                   4744    Great source of nutrition and good for your diet, too!
              Enjoy a lite Smokey BBQ batter on fun potato curls. Go to                4736
4879 for more information.                                     4444  Cauliflower Florets in Resealable Bag, 32 oz Pkg
4452                                                                                   4843
4948        Sweet Potato Waffle Fries, 40 oz Pkg                                       4876    Perfect to thaw slightly and serve with dip for an appetizer
4947                                                                                   4874
4428          Waffle fries with the wholesome goodness of sweet potatoes.              4169  Chopped Spinach in Resealable Bag, 48 oz Pkg
4666                                                                                   4799
            Sweet Potato Fries, 40 oz Pkg                                              4762    Tender fresh-cut spinach, chopped & ready for salads, omelets, etc.

              This delightful french-fry alternative is even ovenable!                       Cut Corn in Resealable Bag, 40 oz Pkg

            Seasoned Sweet Potato Fries, 80 oz Pkg                                             Tastes so fresh you`ll wonder where the cob went.

              Sweet potato fries coated with a savory,red-batter seasoning.                  Green Beans in Resealable Bag, 32 oz Pkg

            Creamy Country Gravy (Heat 'n Serve), 4/8 oz ea                                     Cook them with onions and bacon on a stove top.

              This creamy white gravy is a perfect topper for biscuits or chicken            Green Peas in Resealable Bag, 40 oz Pkg
                                                                                               Perhaps the sweetest of ALL vegetables and loaded with nutrition.
            Twice-Baked Potato with Cheddar Cheese, Pkg of 12
                                                                                             Diced Green Peppers in Resealable Bag, 40 oz Pkg
              Deliciously loaded with cheddar cheese and lightly topped with
              paprika.                                                                         All-natural diced green peppers. Convenient, resealable bag.

            Twice-Baked Potato with Sour Cream & Chives, Pkg of 12                           Mixed Vegetables in Resealable Bag, 40 oz Pkg

              Seasoned with sour cream and topped with chives.                                 A blend of corn, peas, green beans, diced carrots & baby limas.

            Tater Puffs (Ovenable), 80 oz Pkg                                                Diced Onions in Resealable Bag, 40 oz Pkg

              Tater tots that can be a side dish, appetizer or in a casserole.                  All-natural diced onions. No mess, no tears!

            Sweet Tater Puffs, 40 oz Pkg                                                     Sliced Carrots in Resealable Bag, 32 oz Pkg

              Unique & flavorful sweet potato puff. Bake-able, bite size delights.             Great for a side dish or in the cooker with your Sunday pot roast.

            Buffalo-Seasoned Tater Puffs, 80 oz Pkg                                          Sliced Mushrooms in Resealable Bag, 40 oz Pkg

              A fresh twist on a classic potato favorite.                                      Pre-sliced mushrooms ready to add to your favorite meal or salad.

            Sweet Potato Chunks with Maple Seasoning, 40 oz Pkg                              Sugar Snap Peas, 32 oz Pkg

              Sweet potatoes flame-roasted in a maple syrup seasoning.                         A sweet vegetable with a nice 'crunch' to it.

            Baby Baker Potatoes, 40 oz Pkg                                                   Whole Baby Carrots, 32 oz Pkg

              Bite-sized baked potatoes are pre-cooked with garlic seasoning.                  Premium carrots cut to baby size.

            Roasted Potato Medley, 40 oz Pkg                                                 Whole Baby Green Beans (Haricot Vert), 40 oz Pkg

              Roasted sweet potatoes, skin-on russets & redskins. Go to                        Tender, green beans. An elegant side dish for steaks or seafood!
     for more information.
                                                                                             California Blend Vegetables in Resealable Bag, 32 oz Pkg
            Herb-and-Garlic Roasted Russets, 40 oz Pkg
                                                                                               A healthy mix of broccoli, cauliflower and cut carrots.
              Oven-roasted and lightly seasoned with a blend of garlic and herbs.
                                                                                             Catalina Blend Vegetables, 48 oz Pkg
            * NEW Roasted Redskins & Jalapeno Blend, 40 oz Pkg
                                                                                               A blend of broccoli florets, green beans, carrots, and red peppers.
              Roasted redskin potatoes with the mellow heat of jalapeno peppers.
                                                                                             Fajita Blend Vegetables in Resealable Bag, 32 oz Pkg
            Rosemary-Roasted Redskin Potatoes, 40 oz Pkg
                                                                                               A fun mix of Onion, Red and Green Pepper Strips.
              Chunks of red potatoes, flame-roasted in a light rosemary seasoning.
                                                                                             Peas and Carrots, 40 oz Pkg
            Flame-Roasted Redskins and Veggies, 40 oz Pkg
                                                                                               A healthy and colorful blend of peas and diced carrots.
              A blend of redskin potato chunks, red & green peppers & onions.
                                                                                             Stew Vegetables in Resealable Bag, 40 oz Pkg
            Mashed Potatoes Single-Serving (4 oz), Pkg of 12
                                                                                               A classic mix of carrots, potatoes, onions & celery.
              Fresh baked, mashed potatoes in single-serving portions.
                                                                                             Vegetables for Stir Fry in Resealable Bag, 32 oz Pkg
            Mashed Potatoes, 30 oz Pkg
                                                                                               Blend of Broccoli, Carrots, Onion, Celery, Red Pepper & Pea Pods
              Fresh baked, mashed potatoes. Just heat them in the microwave.

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