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SPECIALTY SIDE DISHES continued...                                                             MASTERPIECE COLLECTION

                                                                                                       'All-Natural' Steaks, Roasts,

                                                                                         Briskets, Ground Beef and Other Assorted Items.

                                                                                                    LIMITED RESERVE SELECTIONS

4972        Thai-Style Red Quinoa & Vegetables, 40 oz Pkg                                1933  Boneless Prime Rib Roast, 5-6 lbs
4974                                                                                     1146
4016          A healthy blend of rice, edamame, carrots & red bell peppers.              1212    An All-Natural roast with rich marbling for a succulent flavor.
4451        Brown Rice IQF Fully-cooked, 32 oz Pkg                                       1125  Premium Filet Mignons 4 Pak, Approx 8 oz ea

4872          Individually quick-frozen rice makes is so easy to use.                            Large, tender Filet Mignons for that very special occasion!
4902        Wheat Berry & White Beans, 40oz Pkg                                                Premium Bone-In Strip Steaks 4 Pak, 10-12 oz ea
4438          Features white beans, spinach, cherry tomatoes, red onion with                     A well-marbled steak left on the bone to add rich flavor.
4440          Mediterranean flavors.
4354                                                                                           Premium Porterhouse Steaks 2 Pak, 16-18 oz ea
4973        Cilantro Lime Rice & Corn Fiesta, 40 oz Pkg
4670                                                                                             The tenderness of a filet mignon and robust flavor of a strip steak.
              A blend of brown rice, black beans, fire-roasted corn, poblanos,
              tomatoes & cilantro lime seasoning.                                              Premium Chateaubriand of Beef Tenderloin, App 1.5#

            Fried Rice with Vegetables, 24 oz Pkg                                                The ultimate roast from the heart of the tenderloin.

              Fried rice has brown rice, carrots, green peas and corn.                         BAKER'S DOZEN GOURMET STEAKS
                                                                                                     Each 13th steak is FREE
            Baked Beans with Smoked Beef, 32 oz Tub
                                                                                         1134  Gourmet Kansas City Strip Steaks 13 Pak, 10-12 oz ea
              Baked beans with smoky, sweet BBQ sauce and tender beef.
                                                                                               Cut from hand selected, high yield USDA Choice Beef Strip Loins.
            Riced Cauliflower, 24 oz Pkg
                                                                                         1136  Gourmet Rib Eye Steaks 13 Pak, 10-12 oz ea
              A healthy, easy & tasty alternative to other starch-based side dishes.
                                                                                               Hefty, boneless steaks from with a succulent flavor.
            Exotic Grains & Fire Roasted Vegetables, 40 oz Pkg
                                                                                         1137  Gourmet Filet Mignons 13 Pak, 6-7 oz ea
              Vegan and gluten gree! Low in fat and high in fiber.
                                                                                               The most tender steaks that have been hand-cut and trimmed.
            Baked Potato Casserole, 32 oz Tub
                                                                                         1131  Gourmet T-Bone Steaks 13 Pak, 14-16 oz ea
              Made with skin-on russet potatoes, sour cream, bacon and cheese.
                                                                                               The texture of a filet mignon with the flavor of a strip steak.
            Authentic German Potato Salad, 32 oz Tub
                                                                                         1139  Club Sirloin Filets 13 Pak, 5-6 oz ea
              Warm up for an authentic German potato salad, great with brats.
                                                                                               Cut right from the heart of USDA Choice Top Sirloins.
            Garlic & Herb Pasta w/Veggies, 40 oz Pkg
                                                                                               SIX PACKS GOURMET STEAKS
              Pasta, roasted carrots, broccoli, yellow squash, peppers & zucchini.
                                                                                         1104  Gourmet KC Strip Steaks 6 Pak, 10-12 oz ea
            Country Garden Vegetables & Pasta, 32 oz Pkg
                                                                                               Cut from hand selected, high yield USDA Choice Beef Strip Loins.
              Broccoli and corn with bright red peppers and rotini pasta.

            Broccoli, Cheese & Rice Casserole, 8 Individual Servings

              A great blend of broccoli, cheddar cheese and long grain rice.

                                                                                         1106  Gourmet Rib Eye Steaks 6 Pak, 10-12 oz ea

                                                                                               Hefty, boneless steaks with a succulent flavor.

                                                                                         1107  Gourmet Filet Mignons 6 Pak, 6-7 oz ea

                                                                                               Serve THE most tender steaks of all with these extra-lean filets.

                                                                                                  Gourmet T-Bone Steaks 6 Pak, 14-16 oz ea

                                                                                         1111 The texture of a filet mignon with the flavor of a strip steak.

                                                                                         1138  Club Sirloin Filets 6 Pak, 5-6 oz ea

                                                                                               This boneless, five-ounce steak is perfect for a breakfast steak.

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