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     MASTERPIECE COLLECTION                         1933         LIMITED RESERVE SELECTIONS
              'All-Natural' Steaks, Roasts,         1212  Boneless Prime Rib Roast, 5-6 lbs
Briskets, Ground Beef and Other Assorted Items.     1145
                                                    1125    An All-Natural roast with rich marbling for a succulent flavor.

                                                          Premium Filet Mignons 4 Pak, Approx 8 oz ea

                                                            Large, tender Filet Mignons for that very special occasion!

                                                          Premium Bone-In Strip Steaks 4 Pak, 10-12 oz ea

                                                            A well-marbled steak left on the bone to add rich flavor.

                                                          Premium Porterhouse Steaks 2 Pak, 16-18 oz ea

                                                            The tenderness of a filet mignon and robust flavor of a strip steak.

                                                          Premium Chateaubriand of Beef Tenderloin, App 1.5#

                                                            The ultimate roast from the heart of the tenderloin.

                                                          BAKER'S DOZEN GOURMET STEAKS
                                                                Each 13th steak is FREE

                                                    1134  Gourmet Kansas City Strip Steaks 13 Pak, 10-12 oz ea

                                                          Cut from hand selected, high yield USDA Choice Beef Strip Loins.

                                                    1136  Gourmet Rib Eye Steaks 13 Pak, 10-12 oz ea

                                                          Hefty, boneless steaks from with a succulent flavor.

                                                    1137  Gourmet Filet Mignons 13 Pak, 6-7 oz ea

                                                          The most tender steaks that have been hand-cut and trimmed.

                                                    1131  Gourmet T-Bone Steaks 13 Pak, 14-16 oz ea

                                                          The texture of a filet mignon with the flavor of a strip steak.

                                                    1139  Club Sirloin Filets 13 Pak, 5-6 oz ea

                                                          Cut right from the heart of USDA Choice Top Sirloins.

                                                          SIX PACKS GOURMET STEAKS

                                                    1104  Gourmet KC Strip Steaks 6 Pak, 10-12 oz ea

                                                          Cut from hand selected, high yield USDA Choice Beef Strip Loins.

                                                    1106  Gourmet Rib Eye Steaks 6 Pak, 10-12 oz ea

                                                          Hefty, boneless steaks with a succulent flavor.

                                                    1107  Gourmet Filet Mignons 6 Pak, 6-7 oz ea

                                                          Serve THE most tender steaks of all with these extra-lean filets.

                                                             Gourmet T-Bone Steaks 6 Pak, 14-16 oz ea

                                                    1111 The texture of a filet mignon with the flavor of a strip steak.

                                                    1138  Club Sirloin Filets 6 Pak, 5-6 oz ea

                                                          This boneless, five-ounce steak is perfect for a breakfast steak.

                                                    1853     ALL-NATURAL ASSORTED BEEF CUTS
                                                    1899  Pre-trimmed Brisket Flat End, 1 Brisket; 3-5 lbs
                                                    1341    Enjoy the flavor of premium beef when you use one for barbecue.
                                                          Beef Kabob Cubes, Two 1 lb portions

                                                            Cut from the Top Sirloin of the beef so they're very flavorful.

                                                          Beef Julienne Strips for Stir-Fry, Two 1 lb portions

                                                            Sirloin beef strips that are ready to use for stir fry or fajitas.

                                                          Beef Cubes for Stew, Two 1 lb portions

                                                            Perfect for hearty stews, stroganoff or beef and noodles.

                                                          Top Round Steak Filets, Pkg of 4; 7-8 oz ea

                                                            For beef roll-ups, fajitas or bake in the oven & with barbecue sauce

                                                          Lean Beef Cube Steaks, Pkg of 4; 4-5 oz ea

                                                            All-natural, extra-lean cube steaks, cut from the top round section.

                                                          ALL-NATURAL USDA CHOICE ROASTS

                                                    1365  Boneless Beef Chuck Roast, App 3 lb
                                                    1340    It's the perfect roast for your slow cooker.

                                                          Boneless Eye of Round Roast, App 2.5 lb

                                                            This tightly muscled roast is perfect to thin-slice for sandwiches.

                                                          Boneless Top Sirloin Roast, App 2.5 lb

                                                            Flavor and marbling found exclusively in the beef loin.

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