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      FAMILY FAVORITES CONTINUED...                                                                 sandwiches, calzones & more!

4908                     quick-to-fix entrees                                            3776  Angus Cheeseburger, Pkg of 6
4553                                                                                     3777
4252        Breaded Pork Patties (Fully Cooked), Pkg of 8                                3716    Individually wrapped and ready for the microwave.
4848                                                                                     4411
4847          Fully-cooked, breaded pork patty with a whole grain-rich breading.         4987  Jalapeno Cheeseburger, Pkg of 6
4153                                                                                     3806
4981        Chicken Breast Patties, Pkg of 16                                            3821's spicy! Take one to work, microwave in 60 seconds.
4224          Fully-cooked breast patties that are quick to fix & taste great.           4624  Rib Hoagie w/BBQ Sauce, App 6 oz ea; Pkg of 6

4425        Chicken Breast Patties, Whole-Grain, Pkg of 20                               4729    A pork patty covered with BBQ sauce on a hoagie roll.
4415                                                                                     4439
4311          Heat & serve for a sandwich. Oven or microwave.                            4878  Five-Meat Calzone, Pkg of 6
4155                                                                                     4971
4996        Chicken Burgers, Pkg. of 12; 3.25 oz each                                    4972    With sausage, pepperoni, beef, Canadian bacon & cooked pork.
4990                                                                                     4974
4178          Gluten-free! Juicy, tender & fully-cooked. Delicious!                      4451  Philly Cheesesteak Calzone, Pkg of 6
4306        Country-Fried Beef Steak, Pkg of 8; 4 oz ea                                  4872    Calzone stuffed with beef, three cheeses, onions and peppers.
4307                                                                                     4437
              Just like homemade and it's fully cooked!                                  4902  Mini Corn Dogs, 40 oz Pkg
4964                                                                                     4875
4965        Flame-Broiled Beef Steak Burger, Pkg of 8; 4 oz ea                           4438    These meaty bite-sized hot dogs are wrapped in cornbread batter.
4963                                                                                     4440
4214          A fully cooked, thick, flame broiled chuck steak burger.                   4354  Whole-Grain Mini Corn Dogs, 40 oz Pkg
4180                                                                                     4973
4183        Veggie Burger (4.25 oz), Pkg of 8                                            4670    Bite-sized treats wrapped in 100% whole grain honey crunch batter.
4182          Large, blackened spicy veggie burger.                                            Jalapeno Cheese Corn Dogs (4 oz. each), Pkg of 6
                   south of the border favorites                                                 A plump cheese and jalapeno flavored frank enrobed in batter.

            Beef & Bean Burrito w/Red Chili, Pkg of 12                                         Chicken and Dumplings, 8 Individual Servings

              Seasoned beef and pinto beans wrapped in a freshly made white                      Eight individual servings so you can use this entree as a meal.
              flour tortilla.
                                                                                                    SPECIALTY SIDE DISHES
            Whole-Grain Bean-and-Cheese Burritos, Pkg of 12
                                                                                                     Make meals FUN and different
              Whole-grain tortillas stuffed with Beef Chili, Cheese & Beans.                      with these easy accompaniments!

            Buffalo Chicken Cheese Crispitos, Pkg of 12                                        Flame-Roasted Fuji Apples, 40 oz Pkg

              Packed with spicy buffalo style chicken & cheese.                                  Seasoned with cinnamon sugar & flame roasted.

            Chicken Cheese Crispito, Pkg of 12                                                 Cheesy Corn, 30 oz Tub

              Lightly-spiced white meat crispitos that are quick to serve.                       Tender yellow corn blended in a 3 cheese sauce with smoky bacon.

            Southwest-Style Chicken Tornados, Pkg of 8                                         Orzo, Grains & Vegetable Blend, 40 oz Pkg

              A different twist on ordinary taquitos.                                            Eleven grams of whole-grains per serving, a blend of pasta & grain

            Beef-and-Cheese Flour Taquitos, Pkg of 20                                          Ancient Grains & Kale Blend, 40 oz Pkg

              Savory shredded steak, Cheddar Cheese and Mexican spices.                          Delicious blend of rices, kale, quinoa and barley.

            Chicken-and-Cheese Flour Taquitos, Pkg of 20                                       Thai-Style Red Quinoa & Vegetables, 40 oz Pkg

               A versatile and delicious snack or meal.                                          A healthy blend of rice, edamame, carrots & red bell peppers.

            Beef Tamales (4.5-5oz ea), Pkg of 12                                               Brown Rice IQF Fully-cooked, 32 oz Pkg

              Traditional Mexican tamales with savory shredded beef.                             Individually quick-frozen rice makes is so easy to use.

            Chicken Tamales (4.5-5oz ea), Pkg of 12                                            * NEW Cilantro Lime Rice & Corn Fiesta, 40 oz Pkg

              Tamales with chicken & spices hand-wrapped in corn husks.                          A blend of brown rice, black beans, fire-roasted corn, poblanos,
                                                                                                 tomatoes & cilantro lime seasoning.
            Jumbo Beef & Cheese Enchiladas, Pkg of 6
                                                                                               Fried Rice with Vegetables, 24 oz Pkg
              Wrapped and ready to just pop in the microwave.
                                                                                                 Fried rice has brown rice, carrots, green peas and corn.
            Jumbo Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas, Pkg of 6
                                                                                               Baked Beans with Smoked Beef, 32 oz Tub
              Loaded with chunks of white meat and a creamy cheese filling.
                                                                                                 Baked beans with smoky, sweet BBQ sauce and tender beef.
                   pizzeria-style pizzas & more!
                                                                                               Riced Cauliflower, 24 oz Pkg
            Cheese Pizza (12-Inch Round), Pkg of 1
                                                                                                 A healthy, easy & tasty alternative to other starch-based side dishes.
              Loaded with mozzarella, cheddar and provolone cheeses.
                                                                                               Exotic Grains & Fire Roasted Vegetables, 40 oz Pkg
            Deluxe Combo Pizza (12-Inch Round), Pkg of 1
                                                                                                 Vegan and gluten gree! Low in fat and high in fiber.
              A deluxe pizza with meat, cheese and vegetables.
                                                                                               Baked Potato Casserole, 32 oz Tub
            Pepperoni Pizza (12-Inch Round), Pkg of 1
                                                                                                 Made with skin-on russet potatoes, sour cream, bacon and cheese.
              Lots of pepperoni and three kinds of cheese!
                                                                                               Authentic German Potato Salad, 32 oz Tub
            Five-Meat Pizza (12-Inch Round), Pkg of 1
                                                                                                 Warm up for an authentic German potato salad, great with brats.
              A traditional crust pizza topped with cheese and 5 meats.
                                                                                               Garlic & Herb Pasta w/Veggies, 40 oz Pkg
            Mini Cheese Pizza (7-Inch), Pkg of 4
                                                                                                 Pasta, roasted carrots, broccoli, yellow squash, peppers & zucchini.
              Individually packaged, personal-size cheese pizza.
                                                                                               Country Garden Vegetables & Pasta, 32 oz Pkg
            Mini Deluxe Pizza (7-inch), Pkg of 4
                                                                                                 Broccoli and corn with bright red peppers and rotini pasta.
              Individually wrapped, personal-size deluxe pizzas
                                                                                               Broccoli, Cheese & Rice Casserole, 8 Individual Servings
            Mini Pepperoni Pizza (7-inch), Pkg of 4
                                                                                                 A great blend of broccoli, cheddar cheese and long grain rice.
              Individually packaged, personal-size pepperoni pizzas.

            Mini 5-Meat Pizza (7-inch), Pkg of 4

              Individually wrapped, personal-size 5-meat pizzas.

            Mozzarella & Pepperoni Pizza Bites, 32 oz Pkg

              Italian-style pizza bites with pepperoni, mozzarella & asiago cheeses.

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