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          POULTRY PERFECTION                                                       4222                 stuffed chicken breasts
From All-Natural to pre-cooked and ready to eat!                                   4221       Chicken Divan, Pkg of 6; 7 oz ea
For great sauces to add to your meal, see pg. 4.                                   4219
                                                                                   4207         Chicken breasts filled with tender broccoli florets and cheeses.
4193                    All-NATURAL CHICKEN                                        4166
4418                                                                                          Chicken a la Kiev, Pkg of 6; 7 oz ea
4200        Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts, Pkg of 4; 4 oz ea                  4275
4205                                                                               4149         Garlic & Herb butter filling inside meaty breaded chicken breast.
4202          Extra-lean and all-natural chicken breasts.                          4553
4203                                                                               4252       Chicken Cordon Bleu, Pkg of 6; 7 oz ea
4204        Large Bnls, Skinless Breasts, Pkg of 3; 6 oz each
4240                                                                               4174         This rendition of the classic is so tender it cuts with a fork.
4188          Large extra-lean & all-natural breasts. Use for grilling or baking.  4148
                                                                                   4985       Homestyle Chicken Parmesan, Pkg of 6; 7 oz ea
4244        Split Chicken Breasts, Pkg of 3
                                                                                   4198         Marinara sauce & blend of cheeses stuffed in a chicken breast.
              Perfect for slow cooking or barbecuing.                              4195
                                                                                   4230       Chicken Breast Creme Brie and Apple, Pkg of 6; 6 oz ea
            Whole Chicken Legs, Pkg of 2                                           4134
                                                                                   4247         Stuffed chicken breast filled with 3 cheeses, apples & cranberries.
              All-natural! Perfect for BBQ grill or slow cooker.                   4978
                                                                                              Stuffed Chicken Breast, Pkg of 4; App 9 oz ea
            All-natural Chicken Thighs, 20 oz Pkg of 4
                                                                                                Chicken breast stuffed with traditional home-style bread dressing.
              All-natural, healthy and delicious baked or grilled.
                                                                                                      specialty breaded chicken
            Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thigh Meat, 16 oz Pkg
                                                                                              Crispy Breaded Chicken Breast Fillets, Pkg of 12
              All-natural skinless thigh meat is perfect to bake or grill.
                                                                                                Whole muscle breast fillets. Fully-cooked and ready to heat & serve.
            Extra-Meaty Drumsticks, Pkg of 6
                                                                                              Southern Fried Chicken, Appx 12
              Lots of delicious dark meat on each piece - and NO chemicals.
                                                                                                Breasts, thighs & drumsticks seasoned, breaded & pre-cooked.
            Whole Baking Chicken, 4-4.5 lb
                                                                                              Chicken Breast Patties, Pkg of 16
              Whole, flavorful, all-natural, Grade A birds.
                                                                                                Fully-cooked breast patties that are quick to fix & taste great.
            Boneless Chicken Tenders (Raw), Two-1 lb Pkgs
                                                                                              Chicken Breast Patties, Whole-Grain, Pkg of 20
              No additives, just great tasting chicken!
                                                                                                Heat & serve for a sandwich. Oven or microwave.
                      pre-cooked - All-Natural
                                                                                                        other specialty chicken
            Diced White Chicken Meat, 1/2 inch cubes; 32 oz Pkg
                                                                                              Phillez Chicken Steaks, 4 oz each, Pkg of 8
              Fully-cooked, just add to a salad or make chicken salad.
                                                                                                Chicken steak, sliced thin, that shreds when you brown
            See page 10 for our selection of wings.
                                                                                              Fajita Meat Chicken Breast, 40 oz Pkg
            Everything is portion packaged to make
                     it quick and easy to serve.                                                Fully-cooked strips of chicken breasts ready to heat and serve.

            pre-cooked breast fillets-heat & serve                                            Grilled Chicken Breast Strips, 40 oz Pkg

                                                                                                Grilled, savory fully cooked chicken breast fillet strips.

                                                                                                     breaded nuggets and strips

                                                                                              Chicken Nuggets Breaded, 32 oz Pkg

                                                                                                White meat, lightly breaded, fully-cooked and microwaveable.

                                                                                              Whole-Grain Chicken Nuggets, 32 oz Pkg

                                                                                                Breast meat, breaded with a whole grain coating and fully-cooked

                                                                                              Gluten-Free Breaded Chicken Nuggets, 32 oz Pkg

                                                                                                Lightly-breaded with rice flour, gluten-free and delicious!

                                                                                              Fiery Finger Chicken Strips, 32 oz Pkg

                                                                                                Breast strips dusted in a fiery, buffalo-style coating.

                                                                                              Chicken Tender Strips, 32 oz Pkg

                                                                                                Chicken breast strips that are breaded & fully-cooked.

                                                                                              Gluten-Free Chicken Tender Strips, 32 oz Pkg

                                                                                                Gluten-free breaded chicken breast strips. Fully cooked.

4127        Grilled Chicken Breast Fillets, Pkg of 12; 4 oz each                              ALL-NATURAL TURKEY
4128          Fully-cooked boneless, skinless savory chicken breast fillet.        4995       All-Natural Ground Turkey, 1 lb Pkg
            Mesquite Grilled Chicken Breasts, Pkg of 12; 5 oz each                            No artificial ingredients, 85% lean and gluten free!

              Tender, moist chicken with mesquite seasoning.

            Garlic Herb Chicken Breast Fillets, Pkg of 12; 4 oz each

              Fully-cooked chicken breast with Romano cheese, garlic & herbs.

            Buffalo Chicken Breast Fillets, Pkg of 8

              Hot and spicy, lightly breaded chicken breast. Fully cooked.

                                                                                              specialty turkey

                                                                                        4146  Turkey Fillet Bacon-Wrapped, Pkg of 4; 6 oz ea
                                                                                                All-natural turkey fillet wrapped with premium bacon.
                                                                                              Seasoned Turkey Brst Fillets, Bacon Wrap, Pkg of 4

                                                                                                A delicious bacon-wrapped entree that can be grilled or oven-baked.
                                                                                                Approx. 7 oz ea.
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