New and Featured Products
Description / Size 
      All-Natural Poultry
 Extra-Meaty Drumsticks   Pkg of 6  All Natural
Lots of delicious dark meat on each piece - and NO chemicals.  (#4204)
      All-Time Grill Favorites
 All-Beef Franks   Pkg of 10; 8 per lb
Made with only the finest ingredients. Great for lunch or dinner.  (#3800)
 Quarter-Pound Brats (Uncooked)   Pkg of 6
New quarter-pound brats for the grill. Perfect for tail-gating.  (#3817)
      Specialty Seafood
 Garlic & Lime Shrimp Skewers   Pkg of 4; 4 oz ea
Seasoned with a lime & garlic glaze and skewered for easy cooking.  (#4090)
      Specialty Side Dishes
 Authentic German Potato Salad   32 oz Tub
Warm up for an authentic German potato salad, great with brats.  (#4440)
 Baked Beans with Smoked Beef   32 oz Tub
Baked beans with smoky, sweet BBQ sauce and tender beef.  (#4437)
 Baked Potato Casserole   32 oz Tub
Made with skin-on russet potatoes, sour cream, bacon and cheese.  (#4438)
 Cheesy Corn   30 oz Tub
Tender yellow corn blended in a 3 cheese sauce with smoky bacon.  (#4439)
 Roasted Sweet Corn & Jalapeno Blend   40 oz Pkg
A bold blend of flame-roasted corn, white corn, jalapenos, green onions, garlic and cilantro.  (#4445)
 Butter-Flavored Mashed Potato Bites   80 oz Pkg
Delicious buttery mashed potato bites in a crispy shell. Wow!  (#4448)
      All-Natural Veggies
 Whole Baby Green Beans (Haricot Vert)   40 oz Pkg  All Natural
Tender, green beans. An elegant side dish for steaks or seafood!  (#4444)
      Just Desserts
 Classic Chocolate Cream Pie (pre-sliced)   10 inch
Features chocolate filling, whipped topping and chocolate sprinkles.  (#4104)
 French Silk Pie (pre-sliced)   10 inch
Dark chocolate filling topped w/whipped cream and chocolate curls.  (#4649)
 Lemon Meringue Pie (pre-sliced)   10 inch
Naturally zesty lemon citrus atop a sweet graham crust.  (#4647)
      Five-Minute Breakfasts
 Southwest Muffin Sandwich   Pkg of 8
An English muffin w/mild sausage, jalapeno egg patty & cheese.  (#3720)