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Description / Size 
      All-Natural Beef
 Boneless Beef Chuck Roast   App 3 lb  All Natural
It's the perfect roast for your slow cooker.  (#1365)
      Italian & Pasta
 Gluten-Free Fettuccine Noodles 8oz   Pkg of 6
Uncooked fettuccine made with farm fresh eggs and rice flour.  (#4892)
 Gluten-Free Cheese Ravioli   40 oz Pkg
Pasta made with rice flour & eggs, filled with a blend of cheeses.  (#4893)
 Mashed Potatoes Single-serving (4oz)   Pkg of 12
Fresh baked, mashed potatoes in single-serving portions.  (#4428)
      Just Desserts
 Single Layer Carrot Cake (Pre-sliced)   12 Slice
A luscious, moist cake with freshly grated carrots and topped with a creamy icing and nuts.  (#4890)
 Single Layer Chocolate Cake (Pre-sliced)   12 Slice
Delicious chocolate cake topped with decadent chocolate icing.  (#4891)