Featured Breakfast Items
Description / Size 
      Five-Minute Breakfasts
 Bacon, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Taquito   Pkg of 12
Bacon, eggs & cheese rolled up in a baked flour tortilla.  (#4173)
 Baja Breakfast Wrap   Pkg of 12; 4 oz ea
Made with farm-fresh eggs, peppers, ham & cheese.  (#3766)
 Breakfast Burritos   Pkg of 12; 4 oz each
Sausage, egg and cheese burritos you can fix in the microwave.  (#3765)
 Breakfast Quiche (Single-serve)   Pkg of 6;6 oz ea
Crustless quiche with ham, bacon, cheddar cheese & red peppers.  (#3735)
 Breakfast to Go   Pkg of 12; 3.75 oz ea
A handheld breakfast packed with potato, egg, cheese & bacon.  (#3764)
 Buttermilk Biscuits   Pkg of 12
Thaw them in your microwave and they're ready for butter & jelly.  (#4510)
 Cheddar Cheese Omelets   Pkg of 12
These omelets are delicious and ready to serve in 2 minutes.  (#3710)
 Cinnamon-Glazed French Toast   Pkg of 10
French toast covered with a sweet cinnamon-sugar glaze.  (#4197)
 Classic Quiche (Single-Serve)   Pkg of 6;6 oz ea
Crustless quiche with spinach, provolone cheese and red peppers.  (#3736)
 Deluxe Big Breakfast Pak   Medium
 Deluxe Sampler Breakfast Pak   Small
 Deluxe Smorgasbord Breakfast Pak   Large
 Folded Scrambled Egg Square 1.5 oz   Pkg of 30
A golden, fluffy Scrambled Egg Square.  (#3701)
 French Toast & Sausage Taquito   Pkg of 12
A fully cooked maple sausage link enrobed in french toast.  (#4177)
 French Toast Sticks   32 oz Pkg
Oven or microwave. Great for dipping in syrup!  (#4405)
 My-Size 7 inch Breakfast Pizza   Pkg of 4
A breakfast pizza with pork topping, bacon, eggs and cheese.  (#4845)
 Pre-Cooked Fried Eggs   1.75 oz, Pkg of 24
A pre-fried egg patty with fresh out-of-the-pan flavor.  (#3707)
 Western Omelets   Pkg of 12
Diced ham, onions & green peppers with eggs & cheese.  (#3708)
 Whole-Grain French Toast Sticks   32 oz Pkg
Whole-grain goodness with a touch of cinnamon sugar.  (#4413)
 Bagel Slim w/Egg White & Cheese   Pkg of 8
Only 190 calories and 5 grams of fat. It's delicious!  (#3728)
 Belgian Waffles   Pkg of 18
Thick & crispy on the outside, fluffy inside with a hint of vanilla.  (#4867)
 Chicken Biscuit   Pkg of 12
Chicken patty with a delicate potato breading in a flaky biscuit.  (#3726)
 Country Ham Croissant w/Egg'N Cheese   Pkg of 8
Tender ham with an egg patty and American cheese on a croissant.  (#3717)
 Country Sausage Muffin w/Egg & Cheese   Pkg of 8
English muffin with sausage, egg and cheese.  (#3729)
 Donut Sandwich with Sausage, Egg & Cheese   Pkg of 8
A cake donut filled with sausage, egg and cheese.  (#3727)
 Golden Waffles   Pkg of 24
A traditional square waffle that is quick to fix.  (#4408)
 Heat & Serve Buttermilk Pancakes   Pkg of 18
Wholesome buttermilk pancakes with a light, fluffy texture.  (#4407)
 Maple Hotcake Sandwiches   Pkg of 8
Hot cake sandwich w/sausage, egg and cheese.  (#3730)
 Maple-Flavored Pancakes   Pkg of 12
Tastes great with or without butter and syrup!  (#4989)
 Mini Pancake & Sausage Bites   40 oz Pkg
Bite-size, fun breakfast finger food for kids.  (#3737)
 Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick   Pkg of 12; 2.5 oz ea
A pre-cooked sausage link enrobed in pancake batter on a stick.  (#3738)
 Sausage & Gravy Calzone   Pkg of 6
Like sausage and gravy on biscuits but in a hand-held calzone.  (#4988)
 Sausage Biscuit   Pkg of 12
A deliciously seasoned sausage patty in a soft buttermilk biscuit.  (#3725)
 Sausage Croissant w/Egg & Cheese   Pkg of 8
Sausage & egg patty topped with American cheese on a croissant.  (#3718)
 Southwest Muffin Sandwich   Pkg of 8
An English muffin w/mild sausage, jalapeno egg patty & cheese.  (#3720)
 Waffle Sandwich w/Sausage & Egg   Pkg of 8
Sausage'n egg sandwiched between two golden brown waffles!  (#4450)
 Whole-Grain Microwaveable Pancakes   Pkg of 24
Heat in the microwave and they're perfect EVERY time!  (#4521)
 Whole-Grain Waffles   Pkg of 24
Enjoy whole-grain goodness in the morning in just minutes.  (#4520)
      Breakfast Meats
 Applewood Smoked Bacon   16 oz Pkg
Lightly smoked, sweet flavored bacon you fix on your stove top.  (#3607)
 Breakfast Sausage Crumbles   32 oz. Pkg
Fully cooked and perfect for biscuits and gravy or omelets.  (#3622)
 Breakfast Sausage (Ready-to-Cook)   2/1 lb bulk
Enjoy the robust flavor of this Extra-lean sausage.  (#3618)
 Heat & Serve Sausage Links   40 oz Pkg; .8 oz ea
Microwave with waffles, pancakes, omelets, hash brown patties.  (#3749)
 Precooked Bacon   100 Slice
Freezer to table in 30 seconds! No waste! No mess!  (#3613)
 Pre-cooked Sausage Patties   40 oz Pkg; 1.5 oz ea
Nice and lean and ready to just heat and serve.  (#3750)