Featured All Natural Fruit
Description / Size 
      All-Natural Fruit
 Blackberries   40 oz Pkg  All Natural
This small berry contains big nutrition with lots of vitamins.
 Blueberries   40 oz Pkg  All Natural
Our All-Natural Grade A Fancy Blueberries are high in antioxdants.
 Dark Sweet Pitted Cherries   40 oz Pkg  All Natural
Dark Sweet Cherries picked at the peak of the season.
 Mango Chunks   40 oz Pkg
Rich in anti-oxidents, potassium and fiber, it's the perfect fruit!
 Pineapple Chunks   40 oz Pkg  All Natural
Frozen cut pineapple, perfect to mix with your favorite fruits.
 Red Raspberries   40 oz Pkg  All Natural
They're not only a delicious fruit, they have great nutritional valu
 Sliced Apples   40 oz Pkg
Delicious sliced skinless apples for cooking.
 Sliced Peaches   40 oz Pkg  All Natural
These all-natural Grade A Fancy beauties are rich in Vitamin C.
 Whole Strawberries   40 oz Pkg  All Natural
Our Grade A Fancy Strawberries are delicious and healthy.
 Berry Patch Berries   40 oz Pkg  All Natural
A blend of Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries.
 Michigan Fruit Blend   40 oz Pkg  All Natural
Blend of apples, peaches, sweet cherries, pineapple & strawberries
 Tropical Fruit Blend   40 oz Pkg  All Natural
A blend of mango chunks, peach slices, pineapple & strawberries.
 Flame Roasted Fuji Apples   40 oz Pkg
Seasoned with cinnamon sugar & flame roasted.